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Printout Snap Core Boards for CVI (3 grid sizes)

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

These are ideal for printing on poster boards, table cloths, banners etc. to be put on walls or other hard surfaces and used for 24/7 access to AAC. Most banners are water proof and can be hung outside on fences or a sign, great for playgrounds. Additionally, they can be laminated and used in the pool or bath time. Hot glue or any texture can be added to these boards to add a tactile element for students.

These boards are based on Universal Core 36 and default Snap Core Grids and meant to be used in conjunction with:

If you wish to edit these: please download the Snap Core First App for tablets, (free to use without speech, $50 for lifetime cloud based account with speech). Go to the link and log in, then hit "Add to my stuff" and go into the app>edit>Page Set>select the student's default page set>Download Pageset>select Core 5x5 CVI High Contrast Simplified Pageset> select it as the main Page Set>while in Edit mode scroll down the red toolbar to Core Printout>under Button>link to page>Go to Page>go into folder with template>Edit>screen shot the board to print when done editing




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