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Snap Core Page Bundles and Sets

Frustrated with what was available on PageSetCentral especially for people with CVI, I made several templates and pages that might be helpful to others.

  1. Go to the link while logged in, then hit "Add to My Stuff"

  2. For Page Bundles: Go into the app, Edit>Page>Import Pages>Import Page Bundle>From myTobiiDynavox>select the desired Page Bundle>Import>Create button>Button>Link to Page>search for Page

  3. For Page Sets: Go into the app, Edit>Page Set>select the student's default page set>Download Pageset>select desired Pageset> select it as the main Page Set.

  4. Then Sync by pressing cloud in the top right corner.

For High Contrast: Go into the app and ENSURE YOU HAVE HC SYMBOLS under system>symbol sets scroll down to High Contrast Symbols>download and drag it to the top of the symbols list using the three bars on the right (that defaults it to HC symbols but you can also use whatever if you press the search logo on the button image under content)

If you just want certain pages/buttons from a Page Set, its easy to switch between them (under Page Set) and copy from one into the other.

Bundle: Color-Coded Keyboard with Phonics Page

Bundle: 6x7 CVI High Contrast CVI Keyboard with Phonics Page (5x5 keyboard is in Set)

Bundle: Feelings Page Color Coded and Organized

Page Set: Core First 6x7 Improved for Literacy and Logical flow

Page Set: Core 5x5 CVI High Contrast Simplified Pageset

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