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Free Intermediate Core Board

You could hide or unhide buttons to make it work for communicators at any level. It is just set up in a way that many of the advanced/abstract words are hidden. The board is a modified one of their default Project Core board. I changed it to be a bit more functional for younger kids. Ideal for kids who are good at operating tablets, phones etc. and those with strong understanding of language. There are TONS of hidden buttons so please explore them under "edit" and make sure to copy this board and all linked ones. Then assign it as your home board or just print all the boards for a no-tech binder.

Hidden buttons are visible in "edit" mode, unhide them using the paint feature. You can also de-link and re-link for folder buttons. See video below

I would eventually recommend moving the pink social symbols into a folder and then adding the keyboard back for literacy.

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