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Creative bedwetting, incontinence, drool, tube leaks and throw up solutions

How many times have you had to change the entire bed set, pillows, sheets mattress protector, let the mattress air out etc. just because the pee pad wasn't positioned properly or their diaper wasn't secure. There are lots of solutions to prevent all this extra work for you and embarrassment for the individual. First things first, encase everything in waterproof covers. This is your back-up's back-up, plus it keeps the allergens and bugs away too and extends the lifespan of your pillows and mattress. While you're at it I'd do all the mattresses in the house because it saves you a lot of money long term--everything from spilled juice to throw up from the flu and girl's leaks. Everybody wins. Pillows too-- keep those feathers and dust trapped inside and prevent all those weird yellow stains that no one really knows the cause of. Ok, so you've got your base layer covered. Now you have the choice of putting an absorbent mattress pad on top of this and then a sheet or the sheet and then a changing pad. I recommend the latter because it is less work when there's an accident, just throw the changing pad in the washer and lay out a new one. Done and done. PeaPod Makes some great super large pads that are soft and eco-friendly and blend in with sheets.

For wheelchairs and chairs and especially for school, try sending in some fun changing pads that are discrete and just look like seat covers or cushions. These take away the embarrassment and discomfort. For older kids and adults, try the pads meant to blend into furniture, browns, khaki, black, navy etc. these are also great for couches and car seats. They blend in and can be left there until they need to be changed.

For couches and floor play try waterproof blankets. Originally, designed for pets and infants, these discreet protective blankets look like regular cozy blankets and protect your furniture, carpet and floor from all sorts of messes including tube feed leaks which we all can admit are the worst. These blankets are also great for kids who are prone to vomiting, since you can use these to cover them up in the car or wherever and protect everything from vomit, then just roll up the blanket and pop it in the wash. Done.

As a former paraprofessional, please send some of these goodies to school, they can be such time savers, they save your kiddo from embarrassment and having to be cleaned up head to toe and their classroom team will love you!

As always, shoot me an email or comment with any questions, your own ideas, or if you need help finding something to meet your family's specific needs, I'm always happy to help find a new hack just for you!

Please share the site or this post on social media or with your friends so we can help as many people as possible!


Waterproof Mattress Encasement $15

Waterproof Pillow Encasement Set of 2 $16

Patterned Changing Pads for Wheelchairs and Chairs Set of 3 $17

Cute Simple Layered Changing Pad 28x40 inch $13

Simple White but less hospital feeling 25x31 inch $15

Furniture pad super absorbent non-slip pads set of 4 $29 (comes in multiple common furniture colors)

So many great options for soft "normal" looking waterproof blankets in tons of sizes and colors (they are made for pets and infants, this is just one example) $28

PeaPod makes some great high quality, eco-friendly, comfortable pads that come in a ton of sizes and colors but most importantly don't feel clinical or crinkly. They are the LARGEST ones I could find. The cotton and polyester construction makes them breathable but they do not sacrifice their durability and protection. Plus they do not look like pee pads and blend in nicely.

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