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AAC: CVI CoughDrop Board Links

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Please read my CoughDrop posts for more info or visit

These boards use open source images and are free to use on the speech app and print.


Please read board intro for CVI settings to make this board CVI friendly

Everything unhidden and linked (Final Goal Board):

Starter board:

Please watch below to lean how to unhide and relink buttons as your child's language progresses:

I recommend adding 1 button at first then 2-3 then 4, etc just trial and error to see how your child learns best. After more and go, I suggest all done and stop, then eat, feel, want aka green (verb) buttons then yellow, then pink, then grey and blue. Try to put off adding yes/no because it can limit use of other more specific and expressive language

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